At times a thought simply overwhelms you.  It can be any random moment and any random thought.  It could completely dominate your mind for hours if not month at a time, or simply jet through like a bolt of lightning.  Could be as simple of as an unexpected feeling of happiness resulted from seeing your hotel after a day trip to a middle of no where.  Or as complex as trying to build a multinational business in your head, figuring out where it could fail, the obstacles to overcome and the lacking knowledge youŽll need to acquire.  It could be a revelation made during a conversation with a child.


Back takes more strength to cry then face defeat...
A line from a song I heard in Berlin while having breakfast. Quiet true.

Pornography is a matter of geography.
-Ronny our guide in Israel.

Peoples minds are very similar geographically. Same stereotypes, same problems, same food, same insecurities.

I have a feeling some one said this before but i came to this my self:

The irony brought up by my brother... every car in this picture has had it's wings clipped.

Last time I've wasted time on this toy

We all enjoy reading fantasies about lands far away. We love closing our eyes when we go to sleep and flying to far away lands, flying with the birds, running with the horsies, or playing in the clouds. The moment when you awaken is the moment you wish you could live in your dreams, and why not? Who wouldnt like to live their life away from the wrries of their daily life? What few realize is that the stuff dreams are made off is usually right around the corner. Break the routine and you are in a different world. Take a bus to work for a week.. ride a bike on a sunny day... talk to the weirdo in your office... ... you might meet me...