Well, a bit about me.  I was born in Russia, and around 14 moved to Seattle, WA, with my family.  Dropped out of 11th grade of American
high school and went to college to study computers. Got my degree and after a few random jobs started at Microsoft.  3.5 years later Ive had enough
and decided to see what the world had to offer.  My plan is simple, travel until there is no more money or until I find a reason to come back.  So far I was a guest to Israel, Egypt, Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Estonia and now I am in Finland.  It has been a great journey, I drank a lot of alcohol, met a lot of great people, and saw some amazing things.  Now I am about to head into Russia to see friends and family whom I have not seen since I left.

Me in Aug 04
8 month later - 1 & 2

Contact me at vinyar@gmail.com

A little update: Dec-14-2004
After Finland I have finally made it into Russia. Spent a lot of time with my sister, met my friends and more or less got to know them. Unfortunatelly there was not enough time to really get to know them, but that only a matter of time, I am rock solid on coming back the first chance I get. Left Russia and made my way into Ukraine. Spent the last 2 weeks in Odessa, got one great lesson in politics, remembered why i dont watch TV. Now I am ready to move on, for the moment plan is something like this: Odessa -> Lvov -> Krakov -> Prague -> Budapest -> Istambul ->Emirates -> India -> Hong Kong ->... -> Japan. I am sure as always it will change in most unpredictable ways.

My route through Europe, an obvious lack of planing: Next time I'll travel in Pentagram pattern

My elaborate plan of Japan: Land of the rising sun