Frankly, I dont think I was in Ukraine for 18 days. I remember looking at calendar one day and saying: "HOLY SHIT! REALLY!? REALLY!?!?!  THATS  IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

I have a shitload of pics, but I don't feel like uploading all that and to be honest, my censorship radar has been sleeping for the last 2 hours. So, I'll play the 'shock factor' card.
I ended up hanging out with some chemistry or bio chemistry drop-outs or maybe they were honor roll students taking a day off... or maybe some really really innovated crackheads. Who cares.


A bunch of biochem students taking a break from hard studies for some recreational crack While in Ukraine I rented an apartment, but that's plain boring. I met a few Turks and we ended up rooming together. Some shots of our general mischief. Arkadia - That's where all the crazy partying happens.... in the summer.
I expected to find at least one club opened, instead I found a very peaceful beach.
Party at Club Cosmo
making crack at home Ghosts Arkadia an amazing party town in Ukraine Party party and girls
  This is my first attempt, and it came out beautifully.
I'm pleased.
  I am coming back baby!
I promise !!!



Party at club Yo! Dinner with my friend Party at club Paladium with Woody. Museum of Rerih 
Party at Club Yo in ukraine Dinner with Woody Party at club Paladium Awesome paining of Jesus 
Aint nothing better then a bar with a bed! ...notice a window above the bed, that's vip room :) My Buddy joined me in Ukraine.
I need more friends like that!
Neat club. 3 levels with shows on the top level. Topless ballet  :) This guy was amazing, 26 languages, walked from Russia to Tibet and was taken in as one of their own. I got a book by his wife on foundations of Buddhism.


Sea port of Odessa Night one at club Yo       Lvov    
Schwatznegers baby Club Yo Night 1   Outpartied and hungry in Lvov    
This place is Miles and Miles with plenty of gun turrets from the war. My gramps told about his service in Odessa. I couldn't stop wondering about how much this place changed since he was here during the war.  1st night at club Yo. It was pretty fun... just getting the taste of Ukraine.   I decided it was time to move on. That and I felt that if I didn't leave I'd stay in Odessa for another month.    



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