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Israel, Egypt, Italy - mostly unarranged Gallery was made on mac thus it only partially works...  
Germany Still waiting on pics from the peeps at the hostel... HURRY UP!  
     Koln - the town and party at hostel Pictures from Kristiina -  Koln - West Germany, small city   
     Koln - more party Pictures from Dennis   -  with nice park and huge Cathedral  
     Koln the city Koln - a few pictures of the city, thanks Kristiina  
     More of Koln - the city and the party Thanks Alies and Roelien  
Finland - Helsinki Some how I got talked into this... I did wear it the whole day!  



Thank you 'Little'

     Rome Courtesy of Masopust, Ales  
     Ferrari Museum

Courtesy of Masopust, Ales


Coming soon

    Florence Coming soon  
Dublin                - Ireland Courtesy of Henry Moore  
London              - United Kingdoms Courtesy of Adam and Sena  
Saint Petersburg- PITER!!! RUSSIA BABY!!!  
     Club - Purga  Every night is a New Year party. Awesome but gets boring after a few nights  
     Club - Tenkoff Marlboro sponsored party - the most elite of the city are here  
     Club - Revolution  A buncha girls invited me to a very chill club. Good fun.  
     Museum of was and sea Walking around this once marvelous museum made me sad. Govmnt spends No $ on it  
Ukraine 18 days in Odessa... i think..  
Poland A few days in Krakov, Aushvitz and Zakopane  
Prague A few in Czech rep  
Budapest NEW YEAR in Hungary  
Romania Recovering in Sighisuora, Snowboarding Brasov and Chillin' in Buharest  
Istanbul Turkey unfortunately :* just a few days  
China My friend was "shipped" to China so I rushed to join him  
     Hong Kong It's not China... or is it?  
     ShenZhen just need money  
     Macau Las Vegas eat your heart out  
     Zhou-Hai Pit Stop  
     Guan-Jo Coming here I thought it was just another village  
     Xiamen Nice quiet little city  
     Mount. Wuyi I'm SOOOOooo moving here.. when I am 60!  
    Shang Hai Dirtiest FUcking City EVER!!!  
    Beijing / Pekin Awesome! Must Visit! - few pics  
     Harbin -30, frozen ballz - enough said  
Habarovsk ...maybe it's better in the summer. Good friends though!  
Vladivostok City on the Hills, aka Seattle of Russia  
Sokcho - Korea A shortcut to Japan  
Seoul - NY of Korea Temples, Party, Sauna... Running... K-1!!  
Daejeon Visiting Aden and Adam  
Songnisan - Beopusa Tallest Buddha in Korea (2nd in the world)-camera incedent  
Daegu - unexpected stop nothing to see - just a lot of prostitues  
Um... yea... that city with rice cakes.. Real pretty though... Just in time for ricecake and wine festival. Silla dinasty. Very vell preserved  
JAPAN!!!!!!!!!! My childhood wet dream is finally a reality  
Seattle - Home Well, I am back in America... Home for the time being.  
2009 - Kana Wedding Yumi's friends wedding. Them crazy Americans  
1'000'000+ hits in 2 months With no advertising.... pure magic  
Wedding-Daniel Our wedding pictures  
Wedding-Alex a few snaps from my camera  
Wedding-Woody Very high quality snaps from Woody  
Reception Reception - aka the real wedding  
Palmers - pool place - 2010 Tearful goodbyes as my friends try to pickup the ladies  
Travels - 2010 Japan and SE Asia trip with wifey  
     Kyoto - First party Drinking at the hostel followed by more drinking at Karaoke  
     Kyoto - Parade & Golden Temple These who woke up saw a nice parade. One of 3 biggest in Japan  
     Tokyo night time Prefunk & SUMO!! Julia, her sister & Dean. Prefunk by the river and SUMO in the morning.  
     Tokyo Sakura hostel - (prefunk) party Massive group of party people in Sakura hostel prefunking before heading out.  
     Tokyo - (train party) & Karaoke in Shibuya After the prefunk, and letdown at Gaspanic, Karaoke in Shibuya. All you can drink alcahol for $26.  
2010 Travels - South East Asia Traveling with Yumi - All over SE Asia... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar,... , etc..
2011 Travels - Our Blog  Traveling with Yumi - Guatemala & Honduras. Tikal, Semuk Champei, etc...